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India’s daughter: Bitter truth of Society

India’s daughter: Bitter truth of Society

By Digshikha Priyadarshini

On 16th December 2012 in India a brutal, inhuman crime was committed in capital City New Delhi. This was not mere a crime of rape or murder but a conduct by six young man including a juvenile with such intention which cannot be justified at all. The crime was committed in such a manner where offenders had lost their humanity and they just want to satisfy their lust by causing internal injury to the victim. They grievously injured private parts, her mouth, and her intestine also damaged. The honorable Supreme Court also termed this crime as heinous crime, rarest of rare case and lust full inhuman act of offenders. The honorable Supreme Court also talks about the social conscience.

India’s Daughter is a documentary film based on the 2012 Delhi Gang Rape incident. In the incident a 23rd year ole girl Jyoti Singh popularly known as Nirbhya and Damini was raped and murdered. The documentary film was directed, produced and written by Leslee Udwin and is a part of BBC’s Story Ville series.

The documentary was scheduled to be aired on 8th March 2015 on International Women’s Day across the world on TV channels. In India it was scheduled to be broadcast on NDTV 24x7 and on BBC in The UK. But on 3rd March 2015 FIR was filed against the film makers in Delhi Police station for the offence of Public mischief Section 503of Indian Penal Code, insult with intention to breach the peace Section 505, and word gesture and act intended to outrage the modesty of women under Section 509 of Indian Penal Code. On 4th March 2015 Government of India blocked the broadcast of documentary by order of court. Many politician and leader of ruling party including Home Minister Rajnath Singh, minister of Parliamentary affairs M. Venkaiah Naidu oppose broadcasting of this documentary. Common man who is influence by these leaders and having blind faith in culture, customs also favors the government action.

But is that really against the reputation of India and respect, dignity of women in India or an undesirable Bitter truth of society. The documentary was aired on 4th March in The United kingdom on BBC and it is also available on YouTube.

Early life of Jyoti Singh “Nirbhya”

She was from a small town in Uttar Pardesh. She belonged to a lower middle class family with middle class values. In her society birth of girl treated as burden over the family and parents used to save money for marriage of girl. But she was an ambitious girl who wanted to become doctor to serve the society. Her parents were also respect her ambitions and love her.

In Indian society there are some drawbacks but it is wrong to say that parents do not love their daughter and forced them to marry. Parents are now educating their daughters, respecting their right and ambitions. In documentary it is also shown that parents of Jyoti Singh also loved their daughter and also wanted that she become independent. 

 Jyoti Singh, “Nirbhya” was a confident, soulful, and ambitious girl. In the documentary it has shown that she helped a child and also she believed in reform of person who committed crime. She was a girl who did not surrender before the poor and challenging conditions. She took stand for herself and took decision to study medical and to support her family she also worked in night shift at call center. During her last days of her life she was willing to live life more but her medical condition did not allow her. Her will power and strength has given wave to all the girls in the nation to protest against wrong, sexual abuse, and stand for their rights. She realize to every girl that the love, respect and equality from their family is not their good fortune but their right which should be respected and ensured by the family, society, government and the law.

Draw backs in society

Poverty: in the documentary it was shown that all the accused were from poor economic conditions and stressful lifestyle. They lived in slum area in New Delhi where condition are difficult and basic facility like water, sanitation, drainage water solutions are still challenging. In such situation human being cannot survive happily and then he started to complaint against life, his family and society. This may also creates jealousy and hatred toward middle class and higher economic class of people. He himself wants to earn money, fame and luxury of life as soon as possible. This sometime makes him prone to crime. Some time his frustration to not fulfill his desires and expatiation from life convert him into a criminal. This is what exactly happens in this case. The way in which crime was committed, seems to be committed from the outcome of frustration of convicted persons and they treated victim as an object which is really pathetic.


Ignorance of society, family and system

●      Lack of education and intoxication: all convicted persons are dropout from school and colleges. They had education atmosphere neither in their family nor nearby their house. They just send to the school as a formality or it is right to say that it become a tradition to put the child in school. As one of the convict has said that he and his brother Ram Singh used to have fight with their classmates, and friends, this shows that what values of education them receiving from school. It is right to say that somehow education system of society is also responsible for increased crime rate in India. Right now education is become necessary just for the making of money not to make a man perfect. Students are making prepared for the good score in exam not to take more perfect decision for life and nation. Teachers are also ignorant towards ethical and moral behavior of their student.

Alcoholism and drugs are also a challenge to the youth. In the incident all convict were drunk. Although they earned less and lived in poor condition but they spend money on alcohol. In drunkenness person become aggressive and more prone to crime. It is necessary to youth to understand disadvantage of alcoholism that not only they but a innocent person also suffer from the result of intoxication.

●      Conservative Society: In documentary Indian society has shown as a conservative society and narrow minded society. It is not complete truth but also not lie. The stand of Defense lawyer “Girls are like flower… they attract others,” “girls should not go out from home after 7 or 8 PM., girls and boy cannot be friend” and other comment. Stand of wife of one of the accused that husband is the strength of women, he provide safety to his wife and without him she is helpless” somehow show that in our society women has second person and men are first one. It is also misfortunate women also accept it. After the conviction, Mukesh singh is not realized his crime and he held responsible the victim for her death. He said that she should not fight with them and allow them to commit rape over her without struggle. 

●      Lack of love and affection from family: the juvenile he left his home at age of 11 years and his family assumes that he died. In his life he has not given proper care and love which a child needed due to poor economic condition. It is same story of all convicted person that they did not receive love, care from their family.

●      It was mistake of system also that they failed to proved security and safety to the girls in capita city. Regulation for school buses were not followed properly and CCTV cameras on road also not working.

Steps after the incident:                                                                                    

On next day of crime crowed of students started protest against the government for not providing safety to girls in Capital City. It was mass moment of student without leader for the girl safety in India. The victim was send to the Switzerland for treatment but she died. In this case police compete investigation and fled final report 17 days. Major protest was by girls and their slogan “hum kah ke lege AZAADI reflect the anger and suffocation of invisible bondage.  

Government of India also formed Justice JS Verma Committee for the amendment in criminal law. Within a month committee submitted its report and in February 2013 Criminal Law Amendment Act, 2013 passed.

This documentary has major focus on the unemployment, poverty, population, conservative society but this documentary is about the victim and her struggle. Therefore lifestyle of convict becomes important to show. In this film the reality of society has shown which is not fancy, pleasant to eyes, not according to the heritage culture of India and undesirable but bitter truth. To clean the society we have to accept that there is dirt and only it can be possible to clean.




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