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By Prachi

Everyone in this world needs to say something to someone. And after observing the current situation everyone does, except ‘women of the society’. Women are the ones who from the very beginning are facing a problem such as sexism, gender bias, sexual harassment, race, and ethnicity appearance, and the most important no one to listen to what a woman needs to say to her society, her community, her country. Women from the very beginning are ignored and paid less attention to what she feels, what she wants to say, what are her views and many more. Women are facing a lot of problem today not because she is wrong but there is no one to understand what she is suffering from and the main reason behind not understanding a women is not listening to what she wants to say just because she is a girl and we believe the only thing girls should do is to make food and take care of her family. For understanding someone you need to talk to each other, you need to know each other mentality but in case of women the scenario is completely reverse. If you are a women means all your thoughts, your beliefs, your views are wrong. So today let me tell you all what a women is suffering from and what she really needs to tell to her country.

First of all ‘women’ is not a slang or such a thing that anyone should be ashamed of. Since the very beginning “FEMALE INFANTICIDE” i.e. killing of girl child is the only crime which is still continued. My question is why? Why you need to kill a child if she is a girl. Are you seriously so ashamed that having a girl child makes you feel low. Why can’t you grow a girl child? On what basis you have judged and made your mind that having a girl child is a shame. Do you really think female infanticide is better option than growing up a female child? If this is true then just think from who you were born? Why can’t you understand that women are the most important section of the society and they equally participate in the life existence on the earth? If you think from your own mind the question arise that how a girl child can be a curse? The answer is very clear

And full of fact that without a girl child, boy child can never take birth on this world. You worship many GODDESSES at various festivals and at the same time you commit female infanticide. A small girl child can be a good daughter, a sister’s wife, a mother and other good relation in future. All you need to give a chance and stop female infanticide.

Now let me talk those who have taken birth as human beings but not less than Devil. The ones who molest girl child. Seriously a girl child? Is this an act of humanity? How shameful must living in a country be which labels itself as the largest democracy in the world, and yet is home to the largest number of sexually abused children?

According to the latest government figures and articles by BBC, a girl child is sexually abused every 15 minutes in India. Once the devastating nature of that fact sinks in, light must also be drawn upon the fact that these figures are of those that are officially registered. What must also be noted is that, in our country, there is a general reluctance to talk about the topic, so the real number of cases could be much higher.

A horrific 24 percent of all children in our country have reportedly suffered some form of sexual abuse - whether it be molestation, or rape. While the Parliament of India has passed the "Protection of Children against Sexual Offences Bill" in 2011, more stringent laws are of utmost demand in our country today.

The other realms of child abuse are child pornography and child trafficking. These heinous crimes can only be combated once responsible youth and adults of our country choose to come together against them. Every parent should believe their children upon being told that they've been sexually abused. They need to warn their children about future potential risks, be educated about the implications of good and bad touches, should be made understood that nobody under no circumstances should touch their private areas, and they should be discouraged from keeping secrets from their parents.

Only a collective effort towards raising awareness against the crime that is child sexual abuse and more effective implementation of law and order in our country can uproot this evil off from our nation.

You say India is a democratic country .Do you really feel that .In democracy there is a part of right to equality .Are we treated same? Are we given equal rights, as the men have?

The clear answer is no. But why? Why we have to suffer all the times. If men do something then it’s cool and if we perform the same then we are shameless. Is this the equality you consider in democracy .It’s not just about doing something you judge us on our clothing too? Why we don’t have the freedom to wear what we like? This is a democratic country, everyone has the equal rights then we should we wear the dress that other’s want. Why can’t we have our own choices?

There is no problem in wearing something or doing something it’s just about the mentality, the thoughts we have about others. Don’t judge us upon our clothing. If we get raped it’s not because of the clothes that we were wearing it’s because of those who doesn’t have control over their feelings and think that we are giving them invitation to do anything they want to do. If we are wearing short clothes it doesn’t mean we have given you the right or we want you to come on us. We are wearing for our comfort .Don’t try to impose your thoughts, yours belief on us.

Why are we forced to be within four walls? Why we can’t just go and explore, enjoy same as men do. If being a women takes away these rights then let me clear one thing we are born to live free, don’t set a boundary for us. You  know what ,there are lot of barriers  that stop, stopping us to get education but violence and cultural norms ranks high among them .The evidence for investing in girls education is overwhelming and hard to ignore .

So last but not the least let the greedy ones, one who demands for Dower have a separate paragraph in my article. So let’s start by defining “DOWRY”.DOWRY according to me stands for:


                O:-Of the first order

                W:-who cannot stand on their own feet

                R:-rely on their wives riches

                Y:-yet shameless

                The definition is not to hurt someone feeling. But it’s actually what each women feel. So let me start with experience of mines as a child once I went to a fair, their I could notice a lot of fancy items that mesmerised my eyes. I asked my father that I wanted one of themes he bought me one, I was the happiest at that moment. This was my first experience as I wanted something I have to buy it in real life. It was as if the shopkeeper lost his asset was paid for it. Now as a women this memory never remained the same. The present society is so selfish that they need the asset (girl) as well as charge money for the same (dowry).I has always learned that marriage is a new beginning in life then why pay money to experience it.”

India – a country of contrasts – shows you a myriad of colours. The country is also famous for its big, fat Indian weddings – a major and thriving industry. But in India, the dowry system is an ever-present menace which frequently changes shape to adapt to society. Increasingly, dowry is being masked by more socially acceptable norms, such as


The girl’s family may find it easy to turn a blind eye, and to tell themselves that they are simply gifting their daughter. Who else did they earn money for all their life? Their daughter needs to get married after all! It is the most important identity for a woman. She may be well educated, earning enough to feed an entire family, raising the bar at her workplace, but if she’s unmarried she is viewed by many as incomplete.

India has had a long battle against dowry – an unsuccessful one. Legislations have been made and amended. But the practice seems to be growing. This is a call to parents of every girl child in every country where the dowry system is flourishing.

While these things are taking place Girls have some feelings in their heart which they are scared to express…Why should we not say no? It starts with the birth of our daughters. Let us give them a good education, a good upbringing, a happy and safe environment at home and combine all this with a good dose of self confidence and self esteem. Let us say no to any potential groom and his family who talk about marriage like a business transaction. Let us stand strong and firm so our daughters learn from us to say no. This battle can’t be fought alone someone needs to take stand and rest will follow them.

The things mentioned above is not the feeling of only one girl, every girl in this country feels the same and are bounded by norms. These thing need to stopped. We celebrate Women’s day and talk about equal rights but what’s the use of these things if we are not given equal rights and they are treated like animals. Many are beaten; many are killed before they are born.

But if we go by the facts there are many fields in which women have excelled and have proved that they are not less than men whether we talk about film industry, politics or whether it’s the opportunity to serve the country women have always proved that they are not weaker than men.

The actual women’s day would be celebrated when all the barriers and the boundaries that we put against the women will be removed and as we talk about equal rights which should be given to them and treated equal to men who are stated in many of the laws.

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