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By Simran Sabharwal

Collins Dictionary defines the red light area as “an area in a city in which many brothels and commercial sex-based activities are located.”  It is believed that around two million girls are prostitutes in India which is a huge number. It is a massive business in India. Traders buy girls from small villages and bring them to big towns and cities for this business. Not only India, across the world there are red light areas. These are legalized also in some nations. There runs a sex industry in every part of the world.

Prostitution in World

•    Some countries have legalized prostitution. New Zealand, Australia, Canada are rich nations have legalized prostitution.

•    Not only rich nations, but there are some developing countries which have legalized the profession, like Bangladesh, Indonesia, and the Netherlands. But legalizing prostitution is just not okay. Not all the people in this industry love their profession. So, legalizing just not end the problems.

•    Providing a legal brothel and forcing somebody to mate is not what law ideally wants. This is 2019, a time when #MeToo movement wave is going on. Sex abusers cannot be left in the open.

•    The laws should be made keeping all the aspects in mind. Has anyone ever thought – a little girl would want to sell her body in the future? Obviously, No. Everyone has their own dreams.

•    There is a misconception that people choose this lifestyle. No one would like to do that. I am not demeaning any profession. The only underlying thought is that will only increase the sex abuse crimes in that nation.

•    Every single act done will be claimed to do under the shallow law. Victims get trapped in this vicious circle. There are many reasons why one enters this field. Poverty, violence, addiction or torture may be the one.

•    Almost all the cases say that people do not enter the industry on their own. Legalizing sex trade is not a solution.

Let’s have a look at the Prostitution Law of various countries. Prostitution law differs in every country like any other law.

•    Prostitution has been condemned for a simple reason as this is a violation of human rights. This is a direct attack on the dignity of human beings. However, this is the world’s oldest profession. 

•    There is no definite reason to justify the legalizing of prostitution. However, there are organizations working to ban prostitution. This includes human trafficking. Another point to note is the transmission of diseases i.e. STD’s.

•    Having intercourse with multiple partners is detrimental to women’s health. They also do not have safe sex which affects the women’s health negatively.

•    Women are forced to do this as this is their major source of earning and helps in running their house. In 1999, Sweden was the first country to declare paying for sex as illegal although it did not include prostitution. It makes no sense for declaring it as legal in the world.

Prostitution in India

Prostitution is a taboo in Indian society. It is still not discussed. However, there are several red-light zones in the nation. These zones work under the arb of police stations. There are many brothels which are near to so-called police chowkis. It should be noted that public prostitution is illegal in India. These areas work after bribing the police officials. Owing a brothel is against the law but there are areas which can be easily traced on the internet.

No wonder why the government does not look at this. India is a developing nation where prostitution is the main source of income for some women. The Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act or PITA, 1986 provides for rehabilitation for the sex workers. These schemes were made to empower woman. On the contrary, there has been a demand to legalize prostitution completely in India. This will aggravate the whole situation. Diseases like HIV/AIDS will reach an all-time high.

No woman will be allowed to claim freedom. There will be increasing brothels as gaining a license would be a day’s task. This will worsen the already depressing state of affairs.  There are male prostitutes also in the industry but women prostitutes surpass every statistic. There are middlemen called ‘Dallas’ who are involved in buying and selling of girls. These dolls promise the families for better education of their girlchild and instead gifted the harsh reality. They are slaves under their masters. India is going through a time of marital rape. Prostitution should be criminalized in any manner.

The brothels should be banned by the agencies. There should be high penalties imposed. Indian girls are exported to other nations. strict checking should be imposed on the neighboring borders.There should be shelter provided for ladies who have just left the profession. There should be NGO’s who can help in decreasing the number of brothels in the nation.

Child Prostitution in India

India suffers from child prostitution. In India, it is a multi-billion-dollar company. No children the profession on free will. Either they are kidnapped or their parents sell them. Many girls are imported from Nepal. This is the reason stringent punishment should be kept for a person kept indulging in such activities. There are books which describe India as land at which all forms of sexual desires can be satisfied. This is a pathetic condition. Mostly child prostitutes are under the age of 18. This is the tender age when a girl’s body should be developed completely in every aspect.  All these activities hinder the process. A 13-year-old girl, forced prostitute told in an interview that she did not enter the profession by choice. She said that she was drugged and raped. She was treated like a waste by the man. She wanted to protest but they took her money and beat her brutally. 


These girls are in hope that someday they will be able to leave this profession and study as other girls do. They have high hopes of going to school. The government should work for these ladies and abolish these red-light areas. One of the prostitutes told, “In the many years that I was prostituted on the streets of my beautiful Cape Town, I have never come across a single woman who dreamed of this exploitative career.” This shows the urgency of the situation and why a national organization should look under this matter.