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By Vidisha Kaul

“He offered her the world; she said she had her own”

A new show which has become a sensation among the youth is reaching great heights in terms of popularity and recognition. The show depicts a story of four women and their lives and what they face on a daily basis. Women are a strong entity and don’t need help for surviving in the world but it takes a lot, for others to understand the fact that women are strong and empowered. The new age makers are taking the bold moves by breaking the mindset of the people and creating the shows which are more liberal.

Why people try to pull down women? Why is it hard to accept that women can be independent? Why people cannot acknowledge the fact that women are capable and strong? But the harsh truth is that these ‘people’ do not include only men and people with backward thinking but also women play a great part in pulling each other down. In today’s world, it’s not easy for a woman to see other rising and doing a better job than they ever can, it would have been great if this was considered as a healthy competition but that is not how the things work here. To reach new heights they try to drag others down or come in the path of others.

Women an obstacle for women, where it is largely debated and discussed the rights for women and how the unprivileged section can be lifted and educated, there are some women who try to restrict the resources of other and bring down their morale.

It’s difficult to understand when people of the same kind, who face the same prejudice every day, who have to strive very hard to survive each day and walk side by side with others, don’t apprehend each other. In our stereotypical society where are, women are supposed to act and behave the way it is largely accepted by the masses and badly criticized if they do not accept to follow rather lead in their supervision. People criticize them for not being conventional, for having and living their own dreams, for living life on their own terms and conditions and if women only will not understand the other then who will better understand them, who will collectively be their voice, who will be the pillar to help them stand rock strong.

An entertaining and a complete package show which had a great story line which kept the audience intact and also focused on the issue of obstacles faced by women and how women play a part in it. It appears to be the same in the reel and the real life, the problems that they have to face, the only difference is that when it's on a show we empathize and understand and also appreciate the story line and women empowerment whereas in real life it's opposite, the way they approach their problems is being criticized and are disdained for the same.

The show strongly portrayed the characters of four women and how they managed to overcome every obstacle they faced in their daily life with some bold and courageous moves. The show briefly focused on their personal and professional life and their independence. For every female protagonist, it had a female character which acted in their way consciously or unconsciously which was pulling them down.

The show takes some time to first establish itself and then gets better. There is a workaholic Damini whose life revolves around her job as a journalist and putting up the best news on the table. She has no time for men or any other thing. Then comes another lead, a divorcee who is a lawyer by profession and has forgotten what it feels like to have sex after she had her daughter. A bitter-sweet relation is also shown between her and her husband. Then there is a bisexual Umang who is all about taking life one casual hook-up at a time and her obsession with fitness until she falls in love with a woman who isn’t ready to come out of the closet yet. Finally, comes the virgin Sidhi who is emotionally tormented by her mother into being skinny and finding an eligible bachelor for marriage. It focused not only on the women being an obstacle for women but has also generalized the topic of sex which is still a taboo subject in our so-called modern society and is not considered in a mainstream conversation. Their struggles with an unfair life, jealousy, need for validation and a search for love, forms the soul of the show. The show ended with turmoil in everyone’s life.

Competition is not bad until it is not considered as a rivalry. If we cannot join hands to give an upward thrust then we don’t have the right to come together to pull someone down. It is very disappointing to see how women treat each other and try to plot against each other. It is disheartening that even in our fight for equality; we are our own biggest enemies.

Women should stand together; the burden on women is heavy and no women whether married or unmarried can handle that burden alone. Society already has its design for women, who relegate them, therefore we should not contribute to that by pushing them off the ladder to secure own position or we want to wallow in despair together.

I as a woman strongly believe that women have come a long way and still seeing a woman as a free bird is the stuff of dream and there is a lot that has to be changed



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