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By Jyoti Singh

In Kashmir when we wake up and say ‘Good Morning’ what we really mean is ‘Good Mourning’.” 
― Arundhati Roy, The Ministry of Utmost Happiness

Before the advent of Muslim rulers and communal politics in Kashmir, in the 13th century, the Muslims and Hindus of Kashmir lives in relative peace and harmony where the Muslims and Hindus revered the same local saints and prayed at the same shrines.  Emperor Jahangir was once quoted saying, “Gar firdaus bar ruhe ast, hami asto, hami asto, hami asto” meaning that haven in anywhere on earth it's right here in Kashmir.`

What is the important question are What happened to this Paradise on earth? What are the soldiers attacked here and why does the suffering of civilians does not end? Why are the women being raped and maimed here? Why are the children deprived of the very childhood? Why the media is censored and why is Kashmir cut off from the rest of the country for months at end? Why are there unending curfews in Kashmir? Why does every child of Kashmir raise slogans of “ Hum kya maange? Azadi!?”

All this is a result of ghastly political mismanagement in the region over the years. During the crucial years of Independence, the British political administrators were well aware that the Indian economy was capable of growing at a very rapid rate. Thus, it was necessary to create hindrance in India's North Western region so as to cut India of from Central Asia and Soviet Russia. Then came to India , Lord Mountbatten with Edwina Mountbatten who handled Nehru and how! At about the same time Jinnah was brainwashed by Mountbatten into believing that Muslims would have no freedom and equality in the Hindu majority Hindustan. Therefore, Jinnah developed his two Nation theory demanding partition. Also, his interest of holding the position of  Prime Minister are not to be ignored.

Even when the partition finally happened, Maharaja Hari Singh choose to stay neutral and independent because he believed it is joined India, 70% of Kashmir’s Muslim population would revolt against him and if he joined Pakistan he would gradually lose power to the Muslims. About the same time, Mahatma Gandhi went on a hunger strike questioning as to why the Rs. 55 crore that was promised to Pakistan during Independence still remained unpaid?. Sardar Patel tried to argue that if the amount was paid to Pakistan at that point of time Pakistan would definitely use it against India. But Gandhiji just would not surrender so the amount was settled and paid and exactly what Patel had anticipated happened. Pakistan used the amount to purchase weapons, guns and prepared the Pashtuns tribesmen to capture Kashmir. Maharaja Hari Singh became helpless and asked for India's assistance when Kashmir was attacked by the tribesmen from Pakistan. The Indian government, however, declined stating it would not send its army to foreign land. Thus, having no choice Maharaja signed the instrument of accession and Kashmir became a part of India. The Indian Army went ahead and started driving out the tribesmen back to Pakistan but Nehru just couldn't control. Chacha Nehru referred the case to an even bigger chacha, the United Nations which directed both the countries to cease fire and the Armies to rest where they were, drawing the line of control which serves as the de facto border today. India, thereby, last major portion of its territory which the Indian Army had still not recovered from the Pakistani Pashtun tribesmen, that is known as the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir today.

Talking about the so-called plebiscite debate, it will actually never take place because of two reasons primarily.

Firstly, none of the countries will ever withdraw their forces, which is a pre conditions to be fulfilled before the plebiscite takes place.

Secondly, even if they do the Indian government will never agree to it anymore because the circumstances have changed and now the government knows that if the plebiscite takes place India will lose its very Crown, the Jammu and Kashmir.

Talking about more recent events, the government has failed to take any action to counter insurgency or the rise of militants. The government has done nothing to solve the problems of unemployment because of which the youth takes up stone pelting for Rs. 500 a day. The Indian government did nothing when thousands of Kashmiris turned against India after the Burhan Wani killing. The government turned a blind eye when the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act was considered as a license to kill rape and harass the civilians. The government rejected the allegations as baseless when 100s of women were raped in Kunan Poshpora.

Government takes shelter behind Article 370. The article was drafted by Nehru who is a Kashmiri Pandit, Ayyangar who was the Prime Minister of Kashmir and Sheikh Abdullah who was the Kashmiri Diwan initially .Whatever demands were made by Abdullah , the same was accepted by the Nehru Government. Absolutely no questions asked. Infact, Nehru was even present in the parliament when the article was being drafted.Ayyangar maneuvered it as per his demands and rigged it as much as he could and were two powers, or more specifically responsibilities were given to the Central Government- Defence and Diplomacy. B.R Ambedkar and Sardar Patel who opposed the article on the ground that it was against the integrity of India were completely ignored.

Today Kashmir is suffering because over the years, the leaders from both the sides have acted in their personal interest and vendetta, destroyed and destructed Kashmir in innumerable ways. Kashmir is suffering today because over the years , Kashmir has been made subject to political mismanagement and cruelty.


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