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Enforced Patriotism on Indian Society

Enforced Patriotism on Indian Society

By K. Surya Varshini

India is the most patriotic country.

The English term patriot is first attested in the Elizabethan Era, it came from middle French from late Latin patriota, meaning “countryman”. In Greek Modern is called as “fatherland”. It defines as being patriotic , devotion to and vigorous support for one’s country. Patriotism or patriotic means loyalty of person to his /her own nation or the leaders of nation. Patriotism is different from Nationalism.

In Post -independent India, many fought against British rule to secure freedom for India. The importance of such sloganeering has never been undermined and show of respect towards national symbols especially during important occasions like independence day and Republic day. However, in recent times, a debate has been raging over. The property , land whom ever can keep any amount or any acre of land and they had a freedom of own, and they don’t need any one while selling their land to anyone but In recent, The Madras High Court to schools, government and private offices for the compulsory singing of Vande Mataram caused displeasure among some sections of the society. The land can be kept under the court and there is no freedom of land in India. Even if the sell the land in any bases the court or the Government should majke ghe approvel process. This later it became enforeced patriotism.

Patriotism is the great and selfless passion of love for one’s country. To an Indian patriot his mother and motherland are Superior even to heaven. An Indian patriot is every ready to lay down his life in the service of his country, India. Even patriotism is to fight for the freedom of his country. A patriot always fights against the internal and external enemies if his country. He also must try to make his India free from poverty, ignorance and superstition.

Patriotism is very personal sentiment of an individual right to express . It is the feeling of pride and love for one’s country. Common acts of patriotism include erecting a flag. Salute the flag that is the true patriotic to the citizen of India. God has given right to free expression, freedom of worship god, freedom of own property. Own patriotism can be showed only through support military, vote, fly the flag in right way, support and visit a national park, participate in the Four – Star Salute.

We give respect to our national anthem, Jana Gana Mana. Gestures and acts like saluting the tri – colour flag, singing songs and reciting poems and Vande Mathram and raising slogans against the brutality of the ruling class played a key role in mass mobilizations.

Feel from inside, it’s not a force

Enforced patriotism is the forceful act to our own citizens. The freedom should their own choice not by force. Then it will be only hated by their own hearts.

Indians national anthem is Jana Gana Mana, the anthem of 1.25 billion Indians wherever we are whatever we do the national anthem unites us all but lately it’s became a tool for dividing Indians. After the Supreme Court hinted at modifying it’s order on playing national anthem in movie theaters the so called custodians of Nationalism are back in action. National Anthem in cinema halls is enforced patriotism. Nationalism in the cinemas was a war time measure to bring people together at a time of crisis. India used it at the time of three wars with China and Pakistan. On December 9, 2016 and April 18, 2017, the court gave directions on closing the doors of the cinemas and ask them to stand and wait till it over. It can be played in schools , colleges , TV every day.

The patriotic seeks to highlight the Fundamental problem of making patriotism a forced expression in movie theatre playing National Anthem. Supreme Court said it’s mandatory for movie theatres to play before screening every movies. Article 19 (2) , Justification to encroach upon the freedom of speech and expression of people. This concept borrowed from German Jurisprudence.

Enforced patriotism has been taken to the extent on Indian society, like who didn’t salute the flag, can expel from school, colleges . If they don’t do that then they will be called as non – patriotic on Indian society. They should do it from the heart to sing, salute and stand for National Anthem. Now it became compulsory in all theater halls.

The some example of patriotism are learning the pledge, what to do on national anthem, honor soldiers, to know the basic freedoms, our core democratic values, teaching about our government, our responsibility as citizens, significant to our nation’s history, appreciation our diversity but the enforced patriotism are standing for anthem in cinema hall, eating popcorn became must in more theatre.


The adopt an old – fashioned concept of patriotism. Being an independent body makes flexibility possible. We are not a subordinate part of a government hierarchy. We have projects of our own, especially our Study Programme, but most of our projects are part of more permanent networks of projects which we develop in collaboration with other organisations. The areas covered include academia, the arts, the media and economics. As an independent body, the Institute wants to build bridges between different sections of society. We want to encourage links between different groups of people who normally would not come into contact with each other.

Patriotism is a noble sentiment .To be a patriot one must be willing to make sacrifices for the sake of the country. The other little things we can do for our country

* Follow traffic rules, Law.
* Don’t buy smuggled goods.
* Speak positively about our country.
* Respect your traffic officer, policeman and other public servants and vice-versa. * Dispose off your garbage properly. Segregate. Recycle. Conserve.

* Do your duty during elections.
* Pay your taxes.
* Be a good parent. Teach your kids to love our country.

we can try our best to achieve higher level of academic to contribute to our country. This is not only for young people, everyone can learn something new and the things you don’t know. We must care for our environment and keep our surroundings clean. We tackle problems right from women, child labour to traffic problems and infrastructure. In the end I would like to conclude with the saying of our PM Narendra Modi that it is not necessary ,that we must die for the sake of our country, it is like that we must avoid anti-national activities and follow the good principles in life. This is all what patriotism in 21st century means about.


Enforced patriotism is the forceful act by our own country to citizen of India. When one can’t stand while it is screening in theatre but the person can’t stand because he is handicapped that became a big issue and many was unsatisfied about the decision by court. The stand for National Anthem is all their own individual decision. If they bring up in schools, colleges, company, government automatically their own patriotism will be followed in theatres. India shouldn’t beg it’s people to respect t the National Anthem.

Love for our country can’t be forced.

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