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A peaceful uprising against the president of Syria almost eight years ago turned into a full-scale civil war. The conflict has left more than 360,000 people dead, devastated cities and drawn in other countries.Even before the conflict began, many Syrians were complaining about high unemployment, corruption and a lack of political freedom under President Bashar al-Assad, who succeeded his father, Hafez, after he died in 2000.

In March 2011, pro-democracy demonstrations erupted in the southern city of Deraa, inspired by the "Arab Spring" in neighboring countries. When the government used deadly force to crush the dissent, protests demanding the president's resignation erupted nationwide.The unrest spread and the crackdown intensified. Opposition supporters took up arms, first to defend themselves and later to rid their areas of security forces. Mr. Assad vowed to crush what he called "foreign-backed terrorism".

The violence rapidly escalated and the country descended into civil war. It is now more than a battle between those who are for or against Mr. Assad. Now the situation is so pathetic that even the peaceful and isolated survival is also not possible due to increasing civil war in Syria. Syrians are in search of the protective shelter moving across the countries to seek the shelter to escape the ongoing war.

India is one such country in the controversy of permitting Syrian refugees to take shelter and allow them to settle. India has a neutral stand on the Syrian crisis, the same as the other BRICS nation. During the war years, India has maintained good ties with Syria.

India has always maintained cordial relations with Syria. This relation must be protected at any cost. India must uphold its stance that the Syrian problem must be solved with talks between the parties. Also, India has always opposed the involvement of any foreign forces in the Syrian conflict.

At this point, India will have to keep its intelligence channels open with Syria with the trend of increasing nationals joining terrorist organizations in the region. This will also allow the protection of remaining legitimate Indian citizens and assets in the country. So in the name of maintaining neutrality, India must not isolate itself from an important world event.

India should refrain itself from any kind of direct military involvement in Syria. Its decision to continue diplomatic contact with Syria is a welcome move. India must continue to capitalize on this opportunity to increase its soft power which will eventually improve her chances of better relations and thereby trade with Syria once the dust settles.

The Syrian conflict has turned into a big scale humanitarian crisis. India could lend its expertise and materials through international institutions like the Red Cross and the UN. This will improve India’s international standing. These acts will cement India’s position as a reliable global power who can be rightly considered for UNSC permanent member seat with veto power. This way India can be a benefactor of Syrian people.

“War is never a lasting solution to any problem.”

-A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Looking to give shelter to Syrians, it is quite obvious that India is an overpopulated country already which is in its developing phase. And letting Syrians in will cost India in a negative manner as at present India itself is fighting back to end poverty and struggling to provide employment to the people of the country. And in such situation, India will be at risk if let Syrians in.

When we can’t take on one extra mouth to feed on our money, we cannot expect the state to take on a million more overnight at state expense. It’s easy to wax eloquent about humanitarian considerations when you aren’t footing the bill for it.

A seemingly heartless answer but one that tries to face reality. And the harsh reality is we do not have enough money and resources as well to support more people.Not long ago India gave shelter to millions of Bangladeshi refugees and the Indian population paid for their subsistence through extra taxes and charges on all government services. When we already have enough problems on our hands why to add more? Everyone finds it easy to decry the host nation that they are not treating the refugees with dignity and what not critic.

If for a time being if India allows Syrian to shelter, then soon the economy will collapse. Rather we should support Donations from the countrywide and moral support to end the conflict. India has always been good to its refugees but it has always cost India badly. Not in country personal but the after consequences. How long Syrians will continue taking refuge across the countries. It’s been almost seven years since the war began, it’s high time to come to the strict terms and conditions to wrap the war and let everything fall in their place.

Letting Syrians in India will not help Syria to end the war it will just help the Syrian citizens, to help Syrians, Syria should be protected from war then only stability will start in instability and Syrians will end to take refuge.

Thus to conclude, instead of giving refuge to Syrians which in turn disturb another country’s stability, let's extend our moral support and helping hand by providing donations, spreading the message of peace to end the war.

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