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Indian Politics Affected by Fake News

Indian Politics Affected by Fake News

By Anonymous

As we know the 2019 Lok Sabha election are coming and the dates are announced to cast our vote.  Nowadays social media is also used to promote any political party. The young generation of voters will play significant role in this year elections, as they are highly active on social media. Different political parties can apply various strategies to promote their party and candidate through social media. We can find the background of candidate through his/her social media account. Social media is a link between the candidates and the voters. In recent times people believe that anything and everything on social media is true. The Election Commission of India is making a constructive use of social media to create awareness to increase voter’s participation in the election. But there is also negative use of social media during elections, that is called as “fake news”.

Fake news is something which creates false story about any political party or person during period of elections. It is a kind of unethical strategy applied by one political party against another political party to harm their reputation.

 Recently R. Chandrasekhar (Former President of NASSCOM) said in The HINDU newspaper that, “Social media could play decisive role in Lok Sabha Polls”. He also added to that and said, “Because, sometimes, even though everybody knows that Fake News is quite prevalent, it is difficult for people to make out which is fake and which is real. So people get a little bit influenced by fake and manipulated visual audio”[1].

Impact of Fake News on Politics

1.    One Political parties releases the fake news about opposite political parties in the media and spread the disinformation.

2.    Due to disinformation voters will be confused between the candidates for casting their votes to the genuine candidate.

3.    Voters will lose the Faith and Trust in democracy and electoral process due to fake news which will affect to the Indian Politics.

4.    It will demotivate the genuine candidate.

5.           Fake news creates the uncertainty among the candidates and voters.

6.    Fake news can create political dispute.

7.    Due to extension of fake news through media it will endanger democracy.

8.    Fake post on social media regarding any candidate or political parties can create civil disorder in country.

Fake news is a neologism often used to refer to fabricated news[2]. We all believe that information given by media is true, but we never try to research or find whether it is real or fake. No one has that much time to research and find whether it is wrong or wright, but now we have to look forward to it because this is about elections and it gives our right to vote. We are going to elect our representative and we should have all the real information of the candidates on that basis we can decide whom we have to give our vote. We have to give our time to research about candidate because he/she is going to be our representative and solve our problems.

Citizens should always remain aware about the work of the candidate which they are going to vote. They should not believe in the fake news, rather they can find whether it is real or fake. Fake can have negative impact on Indian Politics. It creates disputes between political parties and these political parties begin to defame each other on social media. Due to this, the followers of these parties create riots in their particular area. Therefore, this kind of political disputes is caused by releasing fake news.


[1] Editorial, “social media” The Hindu Business Line, March 19, 2019. 

[2]  Information Technology Act 2000, India, available at https// News (last Modified March 22, 2019)



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