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Barriers Between India and The Status Of A Developed Nation

Barriers Between India and The Status Of A Developed Nation

By Megha Roy

A developed nation has an advanced civilization and a developing nation is just a fancy way of referring to the third world countries who are still struggling to gain the advancement and the modern infrastructure. India had gained its freedom after a very long struggle and several sacrifices from our leaders. We were promised a bright future with numerous opportunities after the independence but maybe this promise was not meant for every strata of our country. This is because our people still go to sleep hungry and majority of them even do not have houses to live in. Our country still holds a very prominent position in the list of health and illness. We are still trapped in the maze of caste politics and do not wish to come out of it anytime soon. We’ve heard about how India is rich but the Indians are poor. India may have all the technological development as well as it may be developing at a very fast speed but it is still categorised in the list of the developing nations. Why? We all know the answer to this question because we face it daily in our lives. We know what is preventing our nation from achieving the status of a developed nation. At this present moment we go back in our minds to remember such incidents, as minor as they would be, hindering the development of our country.

Maybe this ignorance of ours is the root cause of the problem or there can be other reasons also. We all are aware of the dispute and we even know about the solution to it but no one wants to do anything about it. Indians are no strangers to the development of the country but they do not pay attention to what has to be done. We are not saying that India needs to become someone else or has to copy some other developed nation. It was once called the golden bird which shows that India has its own potential and capability to climb the ladder of development. This article will be dealing on the causes and reasons behind the very question of what is stopping India from becoming a developed nation.


India’s population is in billions which makes it the second most populous country in the world after China. The population has been increasing at a very high and alarming speed. The problem with excess population is that the resources of a nation are not distributed equally. And when citizens are not provided with enough resources to survive on, this leads to the problem of hunger and poverty. India’s population is increasing every second and creating several problems.

Excessive population leads to working institutions dysfunctionality and makes all plans to improve a country’s infrastructure, medical assistance facilities and social welfare initiatives ineffective. This includes the Indian Government which has struggled to enact reforms over the past 69 years since independence.[1]

Every developed nation makes sure that its citizens are provided with equal and sufficient resources. But this is not applicable in the case of India as drastic increase in the population results in the failure of this policy of equal distribution of resources among the citizens.


When resources are not equally distributed among the people it leads to the situation of poverty. Poverty affects the total heath of a nation and affects every fragment of the society. It is also responsible in increasing the crime rate in a country in order to earn money. When a person describes India he does not forgets to add the adjective of poor with it. India maybe rich but its people still live below the poverty line. It is very common to say that the rich is getting richer whereas the poor is getting poorer. What type of social justice is this? But it is true that such type of scenario still exists in India and many people are comfortable with it. Such is the tolerance and ignorance power of us Indians.

A poor person is not given any importance and thus no opportunity comes in his share. If this situation is alive then how can one expect India to become a developed  nation.  A developed nation provides for its citizens and makes sure that every person is given facilities to survive. But there is a different position in India where the middle men take advantage of the facilities provided by the government to the people living below the poverty line.

Disunity among citizens

India is worldwide known for its rich culture and heritage where people of different religions live together with peace and harmony. India is the place where various beliefs and gods exist without giving preference to a particular one. India is a secular nation and we believe that people from different faiths can cordially live in the society. But is this scheme possible in the current scenario of the country? The most important element for the growth of any nation is the unity among its citizens. Looking at the existing structure we surely are at a loss of this element. We have become so ignorant of the racist jokes happening in our daily lives that we do not value the sentiments of other cultures and religions. For example, people from Bihar are considered no more than some uneducated morons and at a first look only they are viewed incompetent for any kind of opportunities. The next example can be given of the people from South India. North Indians see them as some foreigners and make jokes about the way they speak. In return South Indians carry distaste for the people from North India.

The ones who suffer most in this case are the Muslims. Nowadays, the main idea regarding them is that they are mostly intolerant, backward people with little regard for laws of the land. They are also regarded as potential terrorists or criminals if they are from disadvantaged backgrounds.[2]  The condition has become worse since the Pulwama attack in Kashmir. A petition came up before the Supreme Court of India seeking to send Indian Muslims to Pakistan. This shows how illiberal we Indians have become towards each other. After this conduct no one can anticipate that India can mature or evolve in the terms of International growth.


Illiteracy is a curse for any nation and an obstruction in the way of achieving the growth and development. Natives of a country who cannot read or write are not aware of their rights and thus it creates a gap between the citizens and the government. As poverty is common in India, it leads to the huge problem of illiteracy. Illiteracy makes sure that the common people do not understand the plans and policies framed by the law makers. It also sees that no person who is an illiterate stands for his rights and privileges in the society. Education is a power tool to make a place in the society and when half of the population in a country does not receive it, the coordination between the people and the government fails. Where there is no mutualism between the law makers and the citizens, that country have a bleak chance in respect of the progress and evolution.


The practice of favouring relatives and friends is a mainstream act in India. If you have an influential relative or a friend your life is settled and there is no need of any talent for that purpose. We call such actions as ‘approach’ or ‘contacts’. Whether the field is of business, politics, cinema or any other category, one just needs a powerful acquaintance to establish oneself. Basically, rich and privileged people of the society provide reservation for their own genes and specimens. The element of talent, like always, is dominated by lineage.

The Indian prime minister hosted a lunch where Bilawal Zardari and Rahul Gandhi were present. Most of the Indian news media reported the lunch with photographs of the two men. Both had gone abroad to study and returned to inherit, unchallenged, powerful positions in major political parties.[3] Why were these political positions unchallenged? The answer to this question is very simple. Both of the men had political family background where their grandparents and parents were actively participating in the area of politics. Now think about that Indian student who started his political career in his college days and eventually gained authority through his talent and hard work. It took time for him to establish himself, but if he had a political dynasty or lineage he would have surely gotten a degree from a college in abroad and would have returned back to India to join his family business of politics.

The sad part is that we all have used our connections somewhere to achieve something which we would never be able to achieve with our lack of talent or hard work. This is India where privilege and opportunity is restricted to some limited rich families and there is no scope for one’s genius or skills.


“In the developing world, corruption is public enemy number one.”

-Jim Yong Kim, President of World Bank Group

Corruption is an act of dishonesty and fraud towards the public by the people in power. This act has always been prevalent in India because no person in authority is willing to do his work without receiving a price for his services. In addition to this people are ready to pay for such atrocities because we do not want to waste our time in getting ourselves hassled by the officers. We have established such rigid mind set of intolerance that it is becoming difficult for us to escape from it.

Corruption is at every level in India. The big officers sitting in their plush offices bargain the prices for their favours and the same thing is done by the peon of any public office. It is the human nature to be greedy and thirsty for money and luxurious items which make him do and allow to do wrong things in the society. Corruption has become so widespread that one has to pay not only for getting the wrong things done, but for also getting the right things done at the right time. A country where such mechanism of corruption is prevalent can never be imagined to become a developed country.

Forgetting Cultural Wealth

There was a time when Indians used to take pride in their rich culture and heritage. Then came the Britishers who brain washed us in so many ways that we started criticising our own customs and traditions. At the present moment we not only decline our Indian culture but we also ridicule the traditions attached to it. We lack the understanding and often misinterpret our own Indian lifestyle and habits. We make fun of those people who are not able to converse in English language and uses only Hindi to talk to others. The trend of live-in relationships has been increasing instead of practicing marriages. People have adopted this attitude that Indian practices are uncultured and backward. We tend to believe that western beliefs are more modern and logical. We Indians do not appreciate our own country’s culture then how can we expect people from other countries to look at us with respect and admiration.

Establishing retarded laws

Laws are the foundation of any nation. Properly formed and executed laws maintain the peace and stability in the country. No progress or growth can be achieved if the laws of a nation show lack of intelligence or irrationality. These laws have to be kept up to date and amended with the time. In India we have some laws and rules which are so absurd that they surely restrict the evolution of our society. These laws limit do not let the people to achieve maturity or growth and keeps them in a place where there is no chance of improvement in any aspect. Reservation on the basis of caste is one of such laws which are harming our nation. This law was not given sufficient time for its implementation and it was framed at the time of Independence. The main objective of this law was to benefit the socially weaker sections of the society but it has been almost 72 years since the freedom and we are still stuck with this law. The problem is that this rule is being used only for the interest of some creamy layers of the lower castes and it is not even beneficial to all the underprivileged people of the society. This shows how these ridiculous laws still exist in the Indian society and they will never let the people to move towards the civilisation.

Tax Evasion

The government works with the money paid by the citizens in the form of tax. India has a population in billions but it is still considered to be a poor country. Why? This is because not every person earning an income pays his share of taxes to the government. And when government do not receive sufficient taxes, which is the main source of its income, the government is incapable of providing proper means to the people. Evading taxes also leads up to the problem of unemployment because everyone in the country wants a private sector job as the government is not able to pay efficiently to its employees. How can India become a developed nation if the government’s treasury do not have money to pay for anything?

Average Judicial System

Like every other department in India, judiciary is equally corrupted with several scams and there is no system of accountability within it.  Around 30 million cases are pending in the Indian courts and the number is still increasing. Crime rate has increased three fold in this time and the main cause for that is the mediocre judicial system that takes close to three months to pass a judgement on a simple theft case.[4] Fast track courts have been set up by the government to ensure timely justice, but these courts also take at least 6 months to pronounce judgement in any case. If this is the condition of the fast track courts then one can anticipate what may be the situation in the normal courts. Delay in justice removes the fear from the minds of the criminals which further increases the number of murders and rapes in the country.


The condition of India is not good. Several factors which are curbing the development of the country have established their roots deep down in our society. These factors have become a way of living life for us and we are totally comfortable with them. We criticise about them and often give advices regarding them but in reality we do not actually do anything to solve these problems. As earlier stated, we all have contributed in some way to such situation of our country. At some point of time we all have gained something which we did not really deserve. The sad thing is that we will continue to behave in such way without bringing any change. There is still some plausibility for India to make its place in the category of a developed nation but this journey requires great amount of hard work from its citizens and government. Numerous sacrifices had to be made in order to achieve this respected position and this cannot happen in one day or one year. This process will need years of practice and diligence. It’ll demand cooperation from the citizens which they have never done. Something new will have to be done in order to achieve something great for our nation. Every person will have to contribute in this behalf and the government will need to make this passage convenient for the people.

Everything India requires to become a developed nation is available within its own territory and people. It does not need to look upon some other nation for any help or assistance. We have enough resources of our own to fulfil the demands of our people. We just need to see ourselves as a golden bird ready to take the flight once again.



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