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Babri Masjid Opinion

Babri Masjid Opinion

By Aisha Allana

Babri Masjid was demolished in 1992

However it is claimed that there was a mandir earlier at that very place which was brought down to construct a Masjid.


But this was done in the Mughal period which were then rulers of India.

There was no Constitution laid down at that time and India was then under rule of the Monarchs.

Since 1947 India is independent and has a proper Constitution from 1949 and a clear Republican country with the rule of law.

So coming to the fact that Babri Masjid that was demolished in 1992 was in the period when India definitely was a republic and had a full fledged working Constitution based on rule of law.

So we can say that the perpetrators responsible for the Masjid demolition should be prosecuted surely.

However ethical idea is that the masjid should be restored in the very place as the act occurred after India attained independence and is under the rule of law…

This can be done by calling together the people of both the communities and explaining them this…

If they come up with any other decision mutually like constructing a cultural centre, etc., then well and good…

Else restoring the Masjid back again is the best which can be done…

I am not against or in favour of any particular religion or community

Just in the favour of humanity and in support of law…

We wish that such acts would never occur in a secular country like India and or anywhere else in the world of humanity…

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