Speak Up.

Living in a society as large as ours, there are a number of experiences and views that people have. Some experiences are such that we ourselves keep subdued and some are such that even when expressed people around us turn a blind eye to.

A lot of times, we do not share these things because we do not know how. We don’t know where or whom we can share with. We at INDJustice provide that platform.  Go ahead! Bare your soul, because it’s here that stories unfold.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring to light various human rights issues.

There are so many things that happen around us on a day to day basis that we may fail to notice. We talk about these issues that go unnoticed, that need attention in order to find a solution.

We are the voice for the voiceless and will tell stories that are untold.

To be the voice unheard. To tell the story untold.


Who Are We

We are law students pursuing a degree from Symbiosis Law School  and NALSAR University of Law.

We not only understand the law, but are passionate about it being accessible to everyone. We believe that a right to speak is a basic human right. We are here to give everyone that equal opportunity.

Why We Do What We Do

No issue is too small. No issue should be looked down upon. No issue should be ignored. 

What may seem small to us, may be the path that will define the life of another person. Every person should be able to access their rights and voice without having difficulty.

Law You Can Understand

We know that laws are continuously changing and very hard to keep up with. The language makes it harder. We are dedicated to providing you with the recent judgments in the realm of social justice and keeping you up-to-date with various methodologies that are unique to us.

Get Started Today!!

A story is understood only when the audience is right. An issue gets resolved only when it is understood completely.

We provide that platform. Go ahead, speak up, share with us. We can be your voice.

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